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Drifts of Silence

Drifts of Silence

Little wisps of white float down gently.

One by one

I am enclosed in the silence,

the world holding its breath in this sacred moment of clarity.

Never have I been more connected to this world than I am now.

Falling to my knees, retribution granted,

purity amplified.

The muteness signifies the rebirth of my mind

and soul.

The sound of my next breath shatters the moment

splintering pieces of translucence.

A tear slides down my face,

sinking into the ground,

a covenant.

The sigh,

my declaration of love.

But still, the tips of coldness flutter down around me,

unaware of my revelations,

blanketing the world

in silence.

© Cindy Chu

Well, I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while. I finally wrote about it today, after taking my Spanish final, when my teachers was kind enough to let us listen to our mp3s. (: You rock Mr. L!


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2nd banner.

2nd banner.

Well, there’s 5 of my smexy bois on that header! BWAH HA HA HA HA HA! (: So from left to right is, Keita Tachibana from the Japanese Pop band, w-inds. Then it’s Aki, the bass guitar from the Japanese visual kei/rock band, SID. Then it’s, of course, Gackt-sama! (: Then it’s my 2nd fave singer, 雅-miyavi- (sama) lol. And then there’s Aoi, the other bass guitar from the Japanese visual kei/rock band the GazettE. Both the GazettE and miyavi are produced by PS Company.

Later, I’ll put up the individual pictures that was used to make this header.

Kudos to Emessai for making if for me! (cuz i dunt have the awesome skills yet)! LOL

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