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The movie poster for Prince Caspian

The movie poster for Prince Caspian.

“The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Movie Review”

The epic fantasy film “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” and sequel to “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” grossed $19.3 million on its opening day.

When Narnia has been overran by Telmaranians, and Narnians are almost hunted to extinction, help must be sought. When the life of Caspian (Ben Barnes), a Telmarine Prince is in danger, he flees deeper into the woods of Narnia. There he blows the ancient horn of Queen Susan when he is in a dire situation and pulls back the Pevensie children¬≠ Peter (William Moseley), Susan (Anna Popplewell), Edmund (Skandar Keynes), and Lucy (Georgie Henley)¬≠, who left Narnia 1,300 years ago. Now, the four Kings and Queens of Old, along with Prince Caspian, must fight Lord Miraz (Sergio Castellito), Caspian’s uncle who connives to be king and who’s deepest desire is to crush Narnia into pieces. King Miraz, “There is still time to surrender.”

Andrew Adamson, who also directed and produced this film, wrote the screenplay of the movie. This film was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and was based on the novel written by C. S. Lewis, part of a seven book series. The length of the movie was 142 minutes long.

The prequel, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” was also directed by Adamson. After watching the first movie, I highly anticipated the second film. Compared to the first film, “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” had a lot more action in it, which the prequel was found to the lacking.

In contrast to the book, there are many elements that differ from the film. But even so, the writers did a good job of still making the story flow and work. The elements of Peter’s hubris were not in the book, nor were the Pevensie children central to the first half of the story in the book. Even so, the screenplay writers wrote the film so viewers would not have to read the book, and this was done in a well-established manner.

While there were some parts of the acting that was stiff and awkward, the young stars have gone a long way from the first film, and improved their acting skills. The supporting cast is also more entertaining than the ones in the first movie. Reepicheep, “Choose your last words carefully, Telmarine.” Prince Caspian, “You are a mouse!” Reepicheep, “I was hoping for something a little more original.” There is a great balance between the comical and serious, whereas the first film had more of the solemn element.

Three factors contribute to this spectacular movie. First there is the design of the costumes and the portrayal of the Narnians. The armor for the Telmaranians was heavily influenced by the Spanish style, as are the castles. The Narnians in this movie are always wilder looking, as they are more barbaric, a necessity for their survival. The makeup is also done realistically and well, making the nonexistent creatures fierce and believable.

The location shots of the film also contribute to the overall satisfaction of the audience. For instance, the cove where the Pevensie children appear is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Most of the setting was filmed in New Zealand, but there are some scenes that were filmed in various places of Central Europe.

This movie had over 1000 special effect shots, and I must say that it was very well done. There is generally no feeling of fraud, which in turn did not make the movie seem ridiculous. It really brought the fictional characters to life, and made it seem as if creatures such as minotaurs actually existed in this world.

This movie has already won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Action Adventure and been nominated for several other awards.

I highly recommend this movie to others as there is much more action in the sequel. The quality of the acting has also improved and the special effects are superb! There are also many comical parts to this movie, intertwined with seriousness, making this movie a great family movie! I liked the action sequences of the movie, and the fighting was much more realistic, even if there is no gore. But it is exactly the absence of gore and blood that makes this film a family friendly one.

Anticipation for the appearance of certain characters is one of the most important factors that influence the audience’s judgment of a movie. The timing of a character’s entrance is crucial to build up the climax. In my opinion, this movie did not satisfy my expectations in that area.

I highly anticipate the next movie from The Chronicles of Narnia, as more of a childhood dream is brought to life!

My rating: B+

This is the first draft, so please forgive me for any mistakes!

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