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Journalism I

Word Count: 399

Draft #2

US Weekly has voted AIG “Best Company to Work For”

Today in a press conference, the bank companies all over America have expressed their discontent at the amount of money the government has given them for their bailout. When asked about the reason why the banks are not satisfied, CEO Edward M. Liddy of American International Group, Inc. explains, “Our workers are complaining about their bonuses. We will not accept our pride suffering from these workers quitting on our company, giving us a bad reputation. It doesn’t matter to us if our company ceases to exist as long as we keep our workers happy. So what if America is in so much debt? The bottom line: our company is the best one to work at because we always insure quality treatment of our workers. Our policy is that, happy workers help keep the company afloat. The money doesn’t matter.” If companies continue to have this attitude towards the way the people’s tax money being used to bail them out, the federal government should consider continuing this action in the future.

US Weekly voted AIG as the “Best Company to Work For”. Why? When asked, they answered, “We really admire their spirit. It’s really great for the workers that their employees care about them so much. We offer this title to them in order to encourage all the other banks to take the same steps to help their company stay open. We predict that the economy will go up, so it’s a win-win situation!” The eagerness AIG has towards the welfare of their workers will further productivity of the company, which in turn will help generate more profit to the bank’s business. Now if all banks used their bailout money to that extent, the domino effect that results will raise up the economy. It’s strategy that won’t hurt anyone, so it’s worth a try.

It is evident that the AIG Company has tried very hard to benefit the economy by the action of their company. Their action was well thought out and they put a lot of effort and thought into what the American people’s reaction would be. The act of providing this money to the workers shows how much the company really desires the happiness of their workers, making them one of the best companies to work in. After all, who wouldn’t want to work for a company that gives their workers extra money in times of economical recession?

This satire was so difficult to write for Journalism. ): I had to change the topic a lot and I finally settled for the recent AIG scandal.

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