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Inaugural Op-Ed

“Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” This is the definition of democracy, and this is what an inaugural ceremony stands for. In history, it also stands for a new era, a turn for the better for the people.

An inauguration is the formal ceremony to mark the beginning of a leader’s rule. The beginning of each leader’s term in our country has always been marked by a formal ceremony, and each president must swear the oath of office. The inauguration takes place at twelve-noon local time at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. The Chief Justice traditionally administers the oath, though there are occasions when this has not been the case. Until 1937, Inauguration Day was March 4, but this date was changed to January 20 that year.

The prime example of hope for a better time is the election of Barack Hussein Obama, our 44th president. Many people feel gratified at the fact that we have a half-black president because this proves that the hearts of the American people will no longer judge a person by the color of their skin. Another example in the past was during the World Wars. The American people, not knowing whether they would survive, hoped for a better leadership in order for a better country. Strong leaders during this time were essential, so was a bare pretense of ceremony, to retain an amount of normalcy.

An inauguration is a symbolic way of declaring democracy because it shows the power of the people being invested in the leader that we have chosen to lead our country, a country that is especially built on democracy and freedom of speech. This is very important, which results in the need for ceremonial aspects to make this day ornate and to let us commemorate the beginning of these leaders’ terms.

Ceremony is important, because this is for the publicity. Just because you have a leader, but you never see this leader, how do you know he exists for the people? The inaugural address is also given, and that’s important. The ceremony as a whole is important to show that tradition is a vital part of our country. To some people though, the inauguration ceremony is a waste of time. They think that because only the recitation of the oath is necessary, so why should the President spend so much money on an elaborate ceremony, during a time of economic crisis? But that is the point, to show that even though the country is going through a bad time, there is still be a leader, a new capable leader that has new ideas for this country to become better and advance forward.

An inauguration is also a peaceful way of uniting the country, especially after partisan rivalry has created a rift in politics. For us in America, when we are going through political campaigning, the country is divided against each other, Democratic against Republican. This formality shows that a group of people can give up power peaceably, and that there is no need for bloodshed.

So while many people might think that an inauguration ceremony is too extravagant, to me, this is a necessity. It is necessary to remind our Presidents and ourselves what ideals our country is built on, and what morals they have to follow. It is also needed to reassure the people that they are in capable hands, and that they have not made the wrong choice in their President. It is essential that they tell the people what they intend to do to make our country better, and to help us create faith in these extraordinary people that make etches in our textbooks.

This was an assignment in Journalism on the subject of Inauguration.

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