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This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock album cover

This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock album cover.


Jame World extract:

miyavi began his music career under the name miyabi in the band Dué le quartz. He was quickly noticed, not only for writing most of the songs and playing guitar very skillfully, but also for his rock star attitude.

He started his solo career by opening his website right after Dué le quartz had officially disbanded in 2002.

Miyavi as the Guitar Samurai!

Miyavi as the Guitar Samurai! (Sexy lip ring)

As he continued alone, he changed the spelling of his name to miyavi and asked that his fans write it like that when referring to him during his solo career, which, according to him, looked more like himself. The artist is still very grateful to Dué le quartz and even has the band name tattooed on his hand, but as a solo artist he was free from compromises.

miyavi's new look! (2009)

miyavi's new look! (2009)

He released his first album, Gagaku, a rather dark and experimental work, in November 2002. Before the end of the year, he had also released three singles, all with drastically varying sounds. It is also noteworthy that in the early stages of his solo career, miyavi performed all of the instrumental recordings on his releases, in addition to being a vocalist.

2004 saw the artist starring in his very own movie, Oresama, two more singles, and signed with Universal Music, going major in November, just two years after debuting as a solo indie artist with PS Company. Along with his major label status came a new nickname, MYV, and a complete change in appearance.

In early 2007, miyavi performed in the USA for the first time, showing off his skills in from of a small crowd at Tabu Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

All those Tattoos. (:

On May 25th and 26th, he was in the states once more to perform at Jrock Revolution in Los Angeles, along with Merry, MUCC, alice nine., Vidoll, Duel Jewel, girugamesh, Kagrra and D’espairsRay.

Hitting more spots on the globe, miyavi also appeared at AnimagiC in Germany on July 29th.

That year also saw miyavi being named as one of the members of a “super group” called S.K.I.N., which consisted of himself, Yoshiki, Gackt and SUGIZO. The band performed only one show, for fans at Anime Expo in California.

miyavi has kept busy throughout 2008, releasing his miyavi-THIS IZ THE JAPANESE KABUKI ROCK album and AZN PRIDE -This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock-, a hits and rarities collection.

His next releases, due out on December 24th, will be a remix collection, showing his artistic evolution from his indie days through his work with the KAVKI BOIZ and a PV collection, THIS IZ THE ORIGINAL SAMURAI STYLE, as he prepares to start yet another exciting chapter in his musical career.

Now the playlist for his remix collection is:

Room No. 382 Remixed by teddyloid

Room No. 382 Remixed by teddyloid

[Room No. 382] Remixed by TeddyLoid (2008/12/24) [ Album ]
1. Ippiki ookami ron
2. 2 be wiz U
3. Jibun kakumei
4. Dear my friend
5. Kimi ni negai wo
6. Señor señora señorita
7. Rock no gyakushuu
8. Joushou gaidou
9. Girls, be ambitious
10. Ashita, genki ni naare

The Download link for this album is here:  http://www.mediafire.com/?mzmnnyzn1zd

I also have some of his other songs. Please e-mail me at visualkeirocks@gmail.com for any requests plz. Thanksu!


Miyavi has gotten married to former singer, now designer melody.

Her info, taken from keizou.blogspot.com

Birthdate: Feb. 24, 1982
Birthplace: Hawaii

Quick Facts

  • She began her career in Japanese music in 2003
  • Her songs have been featured in many Japanese commercials ranging from videogames to automobiles
  • Her first single, Sincerely become a major hit, reaching third spot on the Oricon charts
  • One of her most successful singles “realize” was featured in the J-dorama Dragonzakura
  • She had her first solo music tour in 2006

Interesting Facts

  • She was raised by Japanese parent in Hawaii so she can speak English and Japanese fluently
  • She’s the VJ for a new Japanese music show called J-MELO
  • J-MELO is recorded completely English and is about introducing J-music to the world.

melody. is pregnant, so miyavi will be a father soon! The two of them held a small ceremony with just friends and family in a shotgun marriage but miyavi is expected to make an official announcement on the 5th of April at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall.  No other details have been released, except that melody. has retired from singing the beginning of this year to pursue a career in fashion design.

melody. Miyavi's new WIFE!

melody. Miyavi's new WIFE!

Can't say that miyavi doesn't have bad taste. (:

Can't say that miyavi has bad taste. (:

In his blog, miyavi has stated indirectly his agonies in not being able to tell his fans about this fantastic moment in his life. It’s okay miyavi, we still love you!


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